The dates below are subject to change. Regular board meetings now take place via zoom. If you would like to receive and invitation to the zoom meetings, please contact the property manager. 






Tuesday,  (Annual Meeting) Location TBD

The Board meetings are currently be held via Zoom due to the pandemic. If you're interested in joining the next meeting, please contact our property manager. 

Meeting minutes can be viewed and downloaded from the documentspage.


The Crestbrook Board of Directors is comprised of five volunteer homeowners who are elected on an annual basis by the members of the community. Their role is to facilitate and oversee the business of the Association in accordance with the established governing documents. Much like the board of a corporation, they conduct regular meetings, vote on issues concerning the association and have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets of the association. Some additional roles of the board include the following:

  • Address owner disputes
  • Communicate important information to the members
  • Prepare and pay federal and state taxes
  • Provide direction and supervision to the association's managing agent
  • Create new policies and procedures as needed
  • Prepare the annual budget
  • Assist in conducting covenant inspections, hold hearings as necessary
  • Review all architectural change applications
  • Consult with its legal council if the need arises
  • Ensure that an accurate and complete set of books and records are maintained for the association
  • Interface from time to time with elected officials, other HOA boards and organizations for the benefit of the association

         President                       Mark Brabrook

         Vice President               Chris O'Donnell

         Secretary                       Lew Thorp

         Treasurer                       Rob Garatt

         Member at Large           Raven Catlin

    Crestbrook Board of Directors

Crestbrook Homes Association